The efficacy of deodeok

Deodeok Hoengseong

Deodeok, one of Hoengseong-county's 7 luxury specialties!


Why Hoengseong Deodeok?

Depending on the growing enviroment, deodeok has different medicinal effects
as well as taste and aroma.

Hoengseong area, famous for mountain deodeok since ancient times, is rich

in organic matter in the oak soil and has an optimal natural environment for cultivating

deodeok. Hoengseong is in the spotlight as the nation's best deodeok producing

area, registered as a geographical indication by the Korea Forest Service, due to

such a geographical environment, supplying 26% of the nation's deodeok



Hasimjung deodeok grown by 100% Hoengseong’s clay soil

Hasimjung Farm, located in Hoengseong county, Gangwon-province, South Korea,

has a deep soli, good drainage, and abundant humus, so it is an optimal environment

to grow deodeok with a strong flavor and good texture.

Under these conditions, Hasimjung produces good deodeoks, which is richer in fiber

and saponin content than other general deodeok or Chinese deodeok.


Hasimjung Main Production Items